Trusts & Estates

Houston Trust Company works closely with prospective clients to fully understand their needs, determining how we can bring the best value to the relationship.

Working with a corporate trustee or executor will help to ultimately preserve and protect a family or individual’s assets. Houston Trust Company offers the administrative infrastructure to execute fiduciary duties fully and to the highest standards of accountability, with the added security of regulatory oversight and strong capital backing.

A fiduciary must navigate the requirements and rigors of trust and/or estate administration, while managing the expectations and needs of the beneficiaries. Houston Trust Company can provide the desired objectivity, continuity, and professionalism, to ease the burden of all interested parties.

We administer trusts in accordance with the governing instrument, invest trust and estate assets, and guide wealth transfers to future generations.


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Trust & Estate Administration Services


+Custody of Assets

+Trust Administration

+Estate Administration

+Beneficiary Engagement

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