Family Office

Houston Trust Company offers Family Office services to clients with an established relationship at the firm who require a level of service beyond the scope of traditional trust/estate administration and asset management.

Clients are supported by a team with accounting and family office expertise, allowing for additional checks and balances to ensure accuracy and continuity of service.

These services are provided by a strongly capitalized, regulated financial services company with extensive insurance coverage, and strong internal controls. Houston Trust Company’s family office department undergoes two audits each calendar year.

In order to offer the highest level of service, it is recommended that clients work with Houston Trust Company in its role as trustee, agent, or custodian for a minimum of one year before determining appropriate Family Office services.

We appreciate enormously the thoughtfulness and thoroughness that our family office team takes in keeping us up to date with all of the important affairs that Houston Trust Company manages for us.”

Family Office Client

Team Approach


Examples of Family Office Services


+Bill Payment, Accounting, and Insurance

+Payroll Services