David D. Welsh

Founder, Owner, Manager, Landman
Guest Author

David Welsh is the founder and owner of Travis Property Management. After graduating from the University of Texas with a BBA degree in Petroleum Land Management and Finance in 1984, David began his career as an independent landman in Midland, Texas performing land duties for several oil and gas companies which included title work and lease negotiations. He returned to his hometown of Houston in 1989 to continue his oil and gas work and founded Travis Property Management in 2004.

About Travis Property Management
Travis Property Management, LLC offers professional expertise as a boutique independent manager of oil and gas interests, including fee minerals, royalty, overriding royalty and working interests. Travis offers a variety of services, including negotiation and administration of mineral investment activities; performing revenue, expense and tax functions; maintaining property and accounting records; preparing client reports and summaries; and providing assistance with investment decision making.