Houston Trust Company serves as trustee, co-trustee or agent for individual trustees in administering a trust in accordance with its governing document and fiduciary standards. A Houston Trust Company officer serves as the focal point for trust administration, beneficiary distribution requests and other matters that require attention. As part of our service, we:

  • Review the trust’s governing document to ensure that Houston Trust Company qualifies to serve as trustee and that we can add value to the relationship.
  • Gather and maintain custody of trust assets.
  • Meet with trustees and beneficiaries to understand their circumstances, needs and objectives.
  • Develop an investment management plan for trust assets, in conjunction with trustees and beneficiaries, and implement the plan.
  • Account for all trust assets and transactions and provide statements to all appropriate parties.
  • Make regular and/or special distributions to beneficiaries in accordance with standards set out in the governing document.
  • Provide tax information to client’s CPA for the preparation of the tax return for the trust and process the payment of taxes.