Inside-out Succession

Estate planning for business owners presents additional complexities that all too often draw too little attention amidst the drive to implement strategies and structures designed largely to mitigate taxes and provide creditor protection. The linked article reminds business owners and advisory team members alike that, although legal structures are important components of the estate planning process, careful consideration of leadership succession and continued family involvement in the future stewardship of the enterprise should serve as the process driver, with structural implementation serving as the capstone.

Article: Trusts & Estates Magazine – Inside-out Succession

Engaging the Next Generation in Philanthropy

Families blessed with financial resources have wonderful opportunities to direct funds to life enhancing causes. The following link is to an excellent article with ideas and recommendations on how best to involve children in philanthropic activities. Houston Trust Company assists families with a broad array of Foundation services, and works closely with all generations to support our clients’ charitable interests.